Frequently Asked Questions

When does a dog need to be licensed?
It is a state law that puppies 3 months of age or older must be licensed.
Lebanon County Dog License Information

Where can I buy a license?
Pet Headquarters is a licensed agent. We can issue licenses for Lebanon county.

What information do I need to purchase a license?
Your dog’s: name, age, breed, whether they are spayed or neutered, color. Your: name, address, phone number and the borough ortownship in which you reside.

What is the cost of a dog license?
$6.50 annually if the dog is spayed or neutered, $8.50 if they are not.

Do I have to get a license each year?
Yes, licenses are valid from January 1 – December 31 each calendar year. After you are registered with the courthouse, they should send you a reminder card at the start of each year.
Lebanon County Annual Dog License Application and Information

What is a lifetime License?
Your dog would be eligible for a lifetime license if they have a micro-chip or a tattoo. Check with your vet about the process. Some have the forms at the practice, otherwise you will need to go to the courthouse in Lebanon to obtain a form and then make an appointment with your vet.
Lebanon County Lifetime Dog License Application and Information

How do I get my pet micro-chipped/tattooed?
Micro-chipping can be done at your vet or at a clinic that might be held throughout the year at various locations. Tattooing must be done at your vet.

What is the advantage of being micro-chipped?
Having your dog micro-chipped makes him eligible to register it in a national database for a small fee. If for whatever reason your dog becomes missing (whether your are local or on vacation) the rescue organization/vet receives your dog, scans for the chip and you would be contacted.

What kind of training classes to you offer?
We offer a wide range of classes. Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience, Basic Booster, Gym, and Ticks. Please refer to the Tammy’s Site for class descriptions and dates.

Do you offer any additional activities?
Once a month we schedule a Yappy Hour. This is an opportunity for extra socialization for your dog (and you too!). There is a $5 “cover” charge. Three 45 minute sessions are scheduled for small, medium and large dogs. Space is limited so “reservations” are required. We allow one dog per handler. Small and medium dogs are permitted to stay an additional 15 minutes into the next session.

We also offer various classes and seminars such as pet first aid. Twice a year there is a KPETS (Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services, orientation class. We also have holiday parties, photos with Santa through out the year as well. Please refer to our calendar for dates and times.

What kind of food/treats do you offer?
All food and treats are free of chemicals, preservatives and dyes. Ingredients are human grade and most are sourced from within the United States.

Do you carry any corn/wheat free food?
All foods are corn and wheat free.

Do you carry any corn/wheat free treats?
We have selection of corn and wheat free treats. Our staff can help you with your selection.

What other services do you offer?
Nutrition counseling: Feel free to provide us a list of your pets’ allergies and we will assist in selecting the most appropriate food.

Behavioral counseling: We can offer guidance on most typical pet problems. If we can not answer them for you we can refer you to the appropriate people.

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