Why Use Natural Pet Food?

Pets can’t choose for themselves
Every day you make choices about what you eat, but your dog or cat doesn’t have that option. That’s why the decisions you make about what you feed your pet, and how you purchase those products, are some of your biggest responsibilities. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Most pets eat one or two foods their whole lives
Imagine if you ate only one food. Of course, you’d want to make sure it tasted good but, more importantly, you would want to make sure it was natural, healthy, additive-free and nutritionally balanced. Your pet’s health depends on the choices you make.

The two biggest factors in a pet’s health are diet and exercise
Go to any veterinarian and you’ll see 10-year-old dogs that are as spry as pups, and dogs that same age that are, tragically, on their last legs. A healthy diet is one of the biggest factors in your pet’s longevity, joint health, circulation and overall well being.

Many “super premium” pet foods aren’t what they claim
There are no government standards for what constitutes “super premium.” In the worst of cases, there are pet foods out there that we guarantee you wouldn’t want to know what’s in them. But there are other products that simply try, but get it wrong – they use too much grain, or are nutritionally incomplete, or use too many chemicals. Remember, your pet is eating the same food, day in and day out if it’s not high quality, your pet’s health will suffer.

There’s one way to be sure what you buy is good for your pet
You don’t have to become an expert in pet nutrition or physiology. You just have to buy from a company with the highest standards. In short, you can be confident that if Pet Headquarters sells it, it’s truly premium quality – made with natural, human grade and/or organic ingredients, with more meat and less filler, without chemicals, additives and preservatives. Period. We have done the work and research for you!

Knowing which product to choose
At Pet Headquarters we offer counseling and exemplary customer service. We always encourage customers to discuss your pet’s needs. We’ll match your pet with food and treats that are right for him or her!

What’s really in that can, or bag of kibble?
Before you serve it to your dog or cat, make sure it has the nutrition they need – with none of the garbage that can damage their health. Make sure it’s chemical-free, preservative-free and nutritionally balanced. Make sure it really is “super premium,” and not just an imposter. Your dog or cat is going to be eating a lot of it, so be 100% sure it has quality you can count on. How can you be certain?

When it’s from Pet Headquarters you know for sure.